Lindokuhle Jawa:

18 | Content Creator | Editor

My education experience is the reason I am doing journalism, as I have always loved writing. Having written for the local newspaper Upstart to help with my vocabulary and literacy.

Pearl Munemo:

18 | Content Creator | Editor

I am a journalism and media studies student who has a passion for reading and writing. I believe that education is not only about acquiring information but continuously learning about ones self and growing holistically.

Toby Ngomane:

19 | Content Creator | Design

I am a performance and journalism student who has a passion for writing and performing.

Juandre Olkers:

18 | Content Creator | Proof-reader

My choice of journalism was influenced by my Afrikaans teacher who helped me improve my writing ability.

Ella van Geuns:

18  | Content Creator | Design | Proof-reader

I am a vibrant and outgoing journalism student who loves the arts and writing.

Mark Diesel:

19 | Content Creator | Photographer

My experience with education during high school was strenuous and boring. It was only after I took a gap year that I had an idea of where my life is going.

Lesley Bloy:

25 | Content Creator | Editor

 I have a passion for effective communication and sharing knowledge.

Noxolo Manyati:

18 | Content Creator

I have a passion for writing and I wish to see equality in the education system.

Luca Milanesi:

19 | Content Creator | Editor | Photographer

I am a budding writer and photographer who has a passion for media and journalism. I hope to be able to use my writing to highlight issues, both locally and internationally.

Nokuthula Sibiya:

19 | Content Creator | Proof-reader

I am interested in the variety of ways in which people can be educated and how technology plays a role in our education

Sinethemba Gungqa:

20 | Content Creator
I am passionate about doing journalism, the reason I am doing journalism is that I am reading and writing about the world around us.

Cuan Macgregor:

20 | Design | Photographer | Content Creator

The very reason I am doing journalism is because of my father and how he got to travel and experience this country and all it has to offer on someone else’s money.

Sarah Gower:

18 | Content Creator

I’ve always been inspired by the power reading and writing can have on someone’s life, and because of this I hope my words can reach people like other’s words have reached me.

Thuliswa Mkunyana:

19 | Content Creator | Editor

I am passionate about breaking the language barriers in our education system. This is one of the reasons I am doing journalism, to make a difference in my community.

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